NFT God Loses Net Worth After Wrongful Download Through Google Ads

• An NFT influencer, NFT God, has lost a significant amount of their net worth in NFTs and crypto following a wrongful download of hostile software found through Google Ads search results.
• The Twitter user, Alex, claims to have made a crucial mistake that enabled attackers to use their wallet, as they clicked on a sponsored advertisement for open-source video streaming software instead of the official website.
• Following a series of phishing tweets sent out by the hackers on two Twitter accounts owned by Alex, they acknowledged the malicious software in their hardware from the sponsored advertisement that had caused unwanted activities.

An NFT Influencer, going by the name of NFT God, has recently fallen victim to malware found through a Google Ads search result. The individual, known as Alex, had made a crucial mistake that enabled attackers to access their wallet, resulting in an immense loss of their net worth in NFTs and crypto.

The incident began when Alex had searched for OBS, an open-source video streaming software, through Google’s search engine. Instead of selecting the link via the official website, they clicked the sponsored advertisement for what seemingly looked like the same thing. It wasn’t until a few hours later that Alex was made aware of the malicious software in their hardware, with the sponsored advertisement playing a major role in it.

Two of Alex’s Twitter accounts were compromised, as the hackers sent out a series of phishing tweets. Following this, Alex admitted to the wrongful download from the sponsored advertisement and the unwanted activities that it had caused.

Though the amount lost is currently unknown, it is likely to have been a substantial amount given NFT God’s status as an influencer. The incident serves as a reminder to all users to be aware of suspicious links and advertisements when searching online, as well as to take extra precaution when downloading any type of software or application.



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