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SmartReFlex: The way to 100% renewable district heating and cooling

With the ever growing concerns on climate change and pollution on the one hand and the availability of clean and efficient technologies on the other hand, reaching a 100% renewable energy sources (RES) share in district heating and cooling (DHC) systems is today a possible and somehow necessary choice.

By involving 6 Regions in 4 different European countries (see map below), the SmartReFlex project, supported within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, developed tools, concepts and practical local experiences on the topic of renewable DHC, to be shared with all the interested stakeholders: Regional authorities and local communities (residents, commercial and industrial enterprises), district heating and cooling suppliers, utilities, contractors, component suppliers, service providers and other professionals, policy makers at all levels.

The project closed, after 3 years of fruitful work, in February 2017.

What is SmartReFlex offering to you? You can have a look directly at the project results page in English.

If you prefer to check which material is available in national languages, please go directly to the specific pages for Germany, Italy or Spain.

Regions and countries involved in the SmartReFlex project

In order to practically support all the stakeholders, SmartReFlex has developed the following tools, documents and results, all of them available on this website:

  • Guide for regional authorities: Knowledge and inspiring examples on RES DHC for Local Authorities and communities – residents, commercial and industrial enterprises.
  • Recommendations for setting up a task force on RES DHC: How to effectively involve all local stakeholders for carrying out a fruitful process towards 100% RES DHC.
  • 6 regional strategies: Action plans for 100% RES DHC in the participating Regions.
  • Training material: more than 500 people were trained through national workshops on three different topics (design & planning, technical issues, organization and financing).
  • 20 case studies: Feasibility studies on real plants at local level and / or policies on RES DHC.



The SmartReFlex “recipe” for developing RES DHC at local and regional level

             Technical aspects                       Organizational aspects

The smart, renewable and flexible approach for district heating and cooling

Workshop - "Renewable district heating and cooling" - Kolding (DK)

From 24th to 25th of November the final event of the EU-financed project „SmartReFlex“ took place in Kolding (DK). Below you will find the presentations of the workshop "Renewable district heating and cooling".


1) Program and invitation

Initiates file download Program SmartReFlex Workshop 24.11.2016 Kolding

Initiates file downloadInvitation SmartReFlex Workshop 24.11.2016 Kolding

Initiates file downloadThe SmartReFlex Project


2) Strategic Energy Planning

Initiates file downloadSmartReFlex – Experiences from Baden-Württemberg

Initiates file downloadPlanning strategy: status in Catalonia

Initiates file downloadStrategic Energy Planning in Central Denmark Region (CDR)

Initiates file downloadRES-Heat in Local Energy Planning Case Study: Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Initiates file downloadSmartReFlex - Experiences in Schleswig-Holstein


3) Financing - pre-investment support, bussines plans, tendering procedure

Initiates file downloadEuropean Investment Bank - Elena technical assistance


4) Financing - Equipment

Initiates file downloadFinancing with the Danish ECA


5) Project Cases - key learning points, replication possibilities

Initiates file downloadCurrent situation in Germany

Initiates file downloadCase studies in Catalonia

Initiates file downloadSRF case studies status Italy

Initiates file downloadDistrict Heating Case Study Killarney Co Kerry Ireland

Initiates file downloadCase study Trappenkamp / Schleswig-Holstein

Initiates file downloadSmart Reflex - Progress in Tipperary 


6) Smart heat meters, utilization of data

Initiates file downloadKamstrup - IntroductiontoHeatCooling solutions

Information on other EU-projects

Here you can find information on other EU founded projects which are related to the topic of SmartReFlex.




Project Coordinator

Mr. Riccardo Battisti
Ambiente Italia
Via Carlo Poerio 39,
20129 Milano (Italy)

Phone: +39 3939413523

Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union
01/03/2014 – 01/03/2017
contract no.
IEE/13/434/ SI2.674873